Badanie rynku live streamingu 2020 już dostępne, pobierz teraz!

How to get into the ranking? has uses an algorithm that keeps tabs on the Polish streaming scene every day. As soon as a given creator exceeds the number of 20 viewers online, they are automatically added to the ranking and from that moment their statistics will be available in the portal in the rankings as well as on the personalised page.

How often is the data collected?

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  • “Overall ranking” created for the month.
  • “Female streamers” shows Polish female streamers that are included in our database.
  • “Top Streamers by Top 4 Games” shows the streamers in that category for the month.
  • “Games” shows the popularity of this category on Twitch.
  • “Nano“ streamer ranking with an average viewer count of up to 100.
  • “Micro” streamer ranking with average viewer count from 101 to 500.
  • “Giga” streamer ranking with an average viewer count of 501.

How can I edit my streamer page?

Search for yourself in the ranking, click on your nickname, and you will be taken to your profile. In the top right corner, click "Is that you? Login to update your information."

Then login using your Twitch authorisation. Enter your personal details as well as links to your social media. Save the changes and give your viewers the opportunity to get to know you better ;)

I would like to be included in the female streamers ranking. How can I do this?

If you have an average of 20 stream viewers, all you need to do is login to your streamer page, select in the gender section that you are female and save the changes. After a few moments you will be added to the ranking.

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