Badanie rynku live streamingu 2020 już dostępne, pobierz teraz!

Contact is the largest Polish streaming portal. We monitor and select the most popular streamers and rising stars in the monthly rankings. knowledge base is a compendium of guides and articles about streaming from humble beginnings to being a professional. We want to have the community in the one place and support its development.

For streamers and viewers

Are you wondering where we came from and why we decided to create this project? We have been observing the Polish gaming scene for over 10 years and, especially recently, we lacked a place that would provide a full cross-section of trends regarding Polish streamers present on the Twitch platform.

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For brands

Are you looking for a streamer to join in your campaign? We work with over 6,000 Polish streamers, we reach an exceptional audience!

We choose the best streamers for our clients who will help them reach their goals. Thanks to the proprietary technology inSTREAMLY, we run campaigns on several hundred channels at the same time ensuring unprecedented effectiveness and reach.

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