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What is inSTREAMLY?

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Stream and make money: meet inSTREAMLY!

One of the most important sources of income for streamers is sponsorship. However, the opportunities for working with brands have been limited so far, and often difficult to implement. Only the most popular creators had access to sponsorships. We believe that every streamer should be able to monetise their content and choose who they work with.

We want to make it possible for all streamers and creators to have access to the best brands and make money on sponsorships using inSTREAMLY. It's as simple as that - your viewers can see who sponsors you and you make money on each view.

Join over 6,000 streamers in Poland who work with the best brands using inSTREAMLY.

How does it work?

Register and join a campaign

Choose the brand you want to work with

Display artwork on your stream

Add the generated link as a source in each scene in your streaming program. This will make your sponsor's content visible on your stream.

Stream and make money

Earn money every time the banner of the brand you choose appears.

Active campaigns

Recently finished campaigns

Register today to be notified of available sponsorship deals

Our streamers have worked with:


Easy start

All you need to do is add an overlay in your streaming program and connect your accounts from the platforms you are streaming on.

Multi-platform support

Do you stream on several platforms at the same time? Earn money on each one.

Viewer friendly

Sponsor banners are animated and take up a small part of the screen.

You decide

Choose the brands you want to work with. Start and stop campaigns whenever you want.

Transparency and honesty

You know the rates and you receive funds for the reach you generate.

Dla każdego

No minimum audience requirements. All streamers deserve the best.

"... Working actively with inSTREAMLY allows me to make a living on what I love to a large extent ..."

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"I respect inSTREAMLY for the fact that it gives streamers a chance to grow and earn money regardless of their popularity. Personally, I value independence, so I like that inS gives freedom in choosing the campaigns I want to participate in. My audience knows perfectly well that by being interested in the advertised content they can support me financially, and the money earned in allows me to diversify the broadcast by buying new games, computer parts and even the console. Working with inSTREAMLY allows me to make a living doing what I love."

"... a great tool that allows working with global brands in a friendly manner ..."

Dmgpoland streamer avatar


"What do I think inSTREAMLY is? I think it's a great tool that allows you to collaborate with global brands in a friendly way. Virtually everything can be done with a few clicks, so it doesn't take me time. And most importantly - promotional artwork is tailored to the stream and doesn't disturb the viewers while watching :D"

"... I can confidently recommend it to any streamer who wants to develop themselves ..."

Jesuisroxen streamer avatar


"InSTREAMLY is one of the most pleasant platforms I have had the opportunity to use. The interface is extremely clear and intuitive. Working with inSTREALMY is a pure pleasure and helps me a lot in developing my creativity."